Winners Don't Use Plan B!
Stefan Strek for 4th District 2018


Good day!

 Stefan G. Strek knows that Winners Don't Use Plan B. Success is a lifestyle decision. When you vote for Mr. Strek it's because Oregon's 4th District wants the hardest-working, most aggressive Congressional Representative in the United States of America.

Crushes the Competition

 Stefan showed superior motivation by filing first. Has no police-conflict record, unlike Joe Rae Perkins and does not collect urine for a living, unlike Art Robinson.



 Mr. Strek knows your Constitutional Rights are Non-Negotiable. First goal is introducing legislation strengthening Federal penalties against ANYONE infringing Second Amendment Rights, including Legislators and Rogue-Judges.

 There's no difference between Government or Common-Thieves seizing your firearms and that should be punished as violating Civil Rights, Constitutional Rights, and Human Rights. Our Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms defends all Constitutional Rights and makes America the Greatest Nation on Earth.

American Values


 Family-Farms are respected greatly by Strek from years working in Pleasant Hill, OR upkeeping his Family Farm, understands unique values independent businesses bring our communities. Farming experience includes mowing fields with diesel tractors, bucking hay, collecting barbed wire and constructing fenceline. Maintained farm animals including goats and chickens, emphasizing on caring for horses.

Team Player


 Mr. Strek Personally Attended Trump's Inauguration, Supports our President, Seniors Rights, Border-Wall, Lowering Taxes, Eliminating Overtime-Taxation, Creating Jobs, Renewing Timber Industry, Military & Domestic Weapons Manufacturers, Sanctity of Human-Life, Deporting-Illegals, Protecting Women & Foster-Children, Catholic Values, Respecting Law Enforcement Officers, Promoting Veterans Housing Rights.


 Medication must be your decision, not mandated or restricted by unnecessary regulation. Veterans deserve the option to see non-VA doctors and their surgical needs prioritized. Doctors need protection from frivolous lawsuits which put Private Practitioners out of business and increase medical costs for everyone

  -Candidate For 5th District Stefan Strek

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