Peter Defazio

 Peter DeFazio is the definition of corrupt politics, with 30 years of living off the taxpayers dollar and nothing to show for it except personal gain. DeFazio has multiple properties and bank accounts in New Zealand.

Peter DeFazio Has Some Explaining To Do
Peter Defazio and Oregon Kiwi Group

 Currently there are 488 bills sponsored by DeFazio in Congress and 6,844 bills co-sponsored by DeFazio, almost all of which are going nowhere and just clogging the legislative swamp in Congress. During his entire 30+ year career Peter has only sponsored 9 bills which were passed into law. We deserve a legislator who passes bills, Mr. Strek will work to pass legislation that helps real Americans, instead of wasting precious legislative time for personal gain.

 In the past 10 years DeFazio has only personally sponsored one bill that was passed into law. We need a Representative who actually works for real working-class Oregonians.

Legislation Sponsored or Cosponsored by Peter A. DeFazio

Art Robinson

Oregon Live - Art Robinson's latest urine hunt makes national news

 We appreciate Art Robinson's hard work to promote Republican ideals in Oregon, and especially in the 4th District. His years of hard work have kept the local spirit of Conservative ideals alive. Art's biggest disadvantage is that he's too smart to be a politician. He's a Scientist with easily misinterpreted viewpoints which have been used against him politically. Nice guy who has already lost against DeFazio four times in the past eight years.

 We need somebody who's louder and more appealing, we believe Mr. Strek has what it takes to finish the job Mr. Robinson started. If nominated, Strek has publicly declared that Art Robinson is his top choice for Chief of Staff.

Joe Rae Perkins

Jo Rae Perkins, U.S. Senate candidate from Albany, faced charges after dispute with police.

 JoRae Perkins is a very nice woman and we appreciate her dedication to Christian values, however she has repeatedly lost races for both U.S. Senate and U.S. Representative by landslide margins. Has been arrested for multiple class C Felonies as reported in "The Oregonian". We need someone who fully respects law-enforcement. She claims publicly that God has pre-ordained her to win this race, however we have not found her name listed in any published Bible.

 In contrast, Mr. Strek absolutely respects law-enforcement and speaks from the Bible instead of trying to speak for God directly. Strek has worked hard helping law-enforcement to prevent crime in downtown Eugene, where he lived next to the Community Crisis Center and often helped make multiple arrests in a single day.

Court Boice

Deputies raid Boice Jet in boat-resale investigation.
"Mr. Boice has been involved with allegations of fraudulent business practice, we believe this presents a significant obstacle to him ever achieving Federal Office."

 Central Point-based boatmaker Boice Jet ... falsified identification numbers on dozens of used boats, then resold them as new. Early Thursday, more than a dozen Jackson County sheriff’s deputies went to Boice Jet in the 5800 block of Crater Lake Highway and served a search warrant at the business. ...Deputies seized business records and other evidence, Turk said.

Devastating forest fires convinced Curry County Commissioner Court Boice to run for Congress.

 We appreciate the hard work of the Boice family, however Court Boice has not accomplished much. He should have spent time working on the job he was elected for, earning the trust of voters. His website to run for Congress was put up barely 6 months into the first year of his first term as one of Curry County's Commissioners. Spent his entire first term in office planning to get a new government job. Oregon's 4th District deserves someone who finishes the job they start. Recently "The News-Review Roseburg" reported, "Boice’s campaign slogan is "Oregon Strong, Oregon Green."" The green refers to ... marijuana policy that ensures growers are operating legally." Commercial Marijuana is promoted by the same dirty money pushing drugs on children and trying to take away guns from law-abiding Citizens. Mr. Boice was originally given a C- grade from the Oregon Firearms Federation due to his stance promoting gun-control laws.

 By comparison, Mr. Strek has a zero-tolerance drug policy and stands strong against Oregon's Commercial marijuana programs. Strek was graded B+ by the Oregon Firearms Federation, due to his zero-tolerance policy against gun-control. We know that Mr. Strek is a man who keeps drugs off our streets, defends the Second Amendment, promotes Veteran's health and protects Youth/Seniors in Foster Care.

 "The Oregon Firearms Federation is Oregon's Only No-Compromise Gun-Rights Advocacy Group, Mr. Strek was given a B+ rating by the OFF for his No-Compromise Stance on Defending Our Second Amendment, the highest possible rating for a non-incumbent candidate." We have included the grades of his competitors, received as of early April 2018, for comparison.